Lynn is Co-Owner of Green Dog Spa with her daughter, Erica. She is a Jacksonville native with a life long passion for pets. After 4 decades in the pet care industry, she still believes that every dog matters, whether he or she is waiting to be rescued or living in the lap of luxury. It’s the Dog-Human relationship that we can focus on and make a difference! “It has truly been a blessing to own businesses that allows us to mentor other dog lovers, and to hire and train dog bathers, groomers and instructors. The most exciting part of this career is seeing the smiles from pet parents after a new haircut, and seeing groomers accomplish goals they never dreamed possible!” She now owns & operates Sunland Acres (Pet Boarding Camp) in Fruit Cove, FL.


Erica, NCMG, is Co-Owner of Green Dog Spa with her mother, Lynn. She holds a Master’s degree in Interactive Communication from FSU & is an active member of Women Business Owners of Northeast Florida. She is passionate about helping people get just the right style for their pet. She certified through National Dog Groomer’s Association of America in the non-sporting group with a Bichon Frise October 2013. Then she competed with a Wire Fox Terrier June 2014 & Certified in Sporting Group with a German Wirehaired Pointer October 2014. She then completed Terrier Certification June 2015 with a Norfolk. She is excited about her grooming career & keeps the safety of animals top priority. She became a Nationally Certified Master Groomer February 2017.


Gabby, NCG, is the Assistant Manager at Green Dog Spa. She studied Zoology at FSCJ & one of her favorite breeds is Labrador Retriever. She has a love for all animals, and it began at a young age. She won 2nd place at the NDGAA 2016 Career Start contest handstripping a German Wirehaired Pointer named Maggie. She has a passion for grooming and will ensure your best friend is properly cared for. She is also a feline groomer and enjoys continuing her education. She is certified in the Sporting Group.


Elena, NCMG is originally from St. Petersburg Russia. She lived 20 years there & the next 20 in Prague, Czech Republic. Her favorite breed is Boxer & since 2005, has been training Schutzhund. She competed with a wire fox terrier in Orlando Oct 2014. Certified with a handstripped German Wirehaired Pointer in Sporting Group Feb 2015. Also certified in Terrier & Non-Sporting Groups. She is a Nationally Certified Master Groomer.


Pam, NCG, has the comfort of every animal in her care as top priority. She helped at the Rescue League of a New Hampshire shelter for 5 years & also has experience with cats. She was a vet tech for 2 years in Essex County, Massachusetts & then moved to Jacksonville, FL in 2003. She shares a home with 8 dogs. She has been to grooming competitions with a poodle as well as Welsh terrier and is always working on continuing her education. She competed with a German Wirehaired Pointer in October 2015 and certified in the Sporting & Terrier Groups through the National Dog Groomer’s Association of America.


Taylor, NCMG, has a passion for dogs and is also great with cat grooming. She has 2 Bachelor degrees from Florida State University in Psychology and Arts. Her energy and willingness to learn inspires us all! She placed 3rd at the Orlando NDGAA Career Start Contest 2018 with a Wire Fox Terrier. She became a Nationally Certified Master Groomer October 2018.


Mila, NCG, has been involved with the animal world since she was a little girl in her native city Trujillo, Peru. She studied Animal Science at the National University of Trujillo & graduated with a Major in Animal Husbandry. Then destiny brought her to live in Jersey City, New Jersey and over the years she decided to enroll at the American Academy of Pet Groomimg in Manhattan, New York. Determined to fulfill her dream of living on the beaches of Florida, Mila decided to move to Jacksonville, Florida. Now she is happy doing what she likes: pet grooming and living near the beach. Her desire to combine work with pleasure is now a reality. She is certified in the Sporting, Non-Sporting & Terrier Groups.


Brittany P. is from Hershey, Pennsylvania & a student at UNF. She is studying health administration & is vice President of her sorority. She’s had pets all her life, but especially loves dogs. Currently, she has a Cockapoo named Honey.


Laura began grooming in 2003 and has a passion for animals. Her favorite breed is Border Collie. She is especially interested in educating herself and customers about canine massage. She has a calm, gentle energy around her & is certified in the Non-Sporting, Sporting & Terrier groups.


Indu loves dogs and has been a volunteer at Animal Care & Protective Services since 2016. She enjoys being on the team at Green Dog Spa and is always looking to learn new things.


Samantha, NCMG, is enthusiastic about getting just the right style and does beautiful scissor work. She brings joy to each salon she finds. She is certified in the Non-Sporting, Terrier & Sporting groups. She became a Nationally Certified Master Groomer February 2018.


Emily moved to Jacksonville in 2011 from San Diego. She has 2 dogs, a Cattledog mix & Chihuhua mix. She also has a rescued, litterbox trained rabbit! She is certified in animal control & law but now focuses on a more positive part of pet ownership. She competed October 2018 in the Career Start Contest with a handstripped Wire Fox Terrier.


Yoko, NCG, grew up in Japan & came to the USA in 2013. She went to Academy of dog grooming arts in 2015 to 2016 then moved to Florida with her 4 rescue cats. She is certified in the Sporting & Non-Sporting Groups.


Courtney loves animals & helping those in need. She has an independent spirit but loves working on a team. Her dedication to the job is visible and she always has a positive attitude. She competed October 2018 in the Career Start Contest with a Toy Poodle.